27 Fantasy Characters

A really cool set for all fantasy fans!

Looking for awesome fantasy characters for your projects? Our new set of 27 fantasy characters is exactly what you need and includes wizards, knights, elves, dwarves, assassins, orcs, goblins, skeletons and golems. These characters are easily scalable and come with their “front” and “side” views (see below). You will love them!

Wizard Characters

Flat Wizard Characters

Dwarf Characters

Flat Dwarf Characters

Elf Characters

Flat Elf Characters

Knight Characters

Flat Knight Characters

Skeleton Characters

Flat Skeleton Characters

Assassin Characters

Flat Assassin Characters

Orc Characters

Flat Orc Characters

Golem Characters

Flat Golem Characters

Goblin Characters

Flat Goblin Characters


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  • Includes 27 Fantasy Characters
  • Easy to scale and customize
  • File Size: 25.8 MB