Flat Animated GIF Icon Set for Business and Strategy

When flat icons meet animations!

Unusually high bounce rate and low user engagement? No matter what you do you just couldn’t find a way to keep users from leaving so soon? Fret not, we have turned a couple of our fan-favorite Business Strategy Icons from the 95 Flat Icons Set into really smooooth animated GIFs. So smooth that you would want to stay to view the whole magic. See, we just proof it right if you are still here. 😉

This Flat Animated Icon Set includes 10 GIF icons and will help your next project related to Business, Strategy, or Marketing stand out tremendously. All the GIFs come as individual files so that you can easily distinguish one from another. Watch the magic in action below.

flat animated icons for business and strategy in GIF format

Archery and Fish Icons

business and strategy icons

Clipboard and Contract Icons

contract and clipboard icons

Chart Paper and Chart Board Icons

chart paper and board icons

Megaphone and Paper Plane Icons

megaphone and paperplane flat icons

Trophy and Money Tree Icons

trophy and money tree icons




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  • Includes 10 Icons
  • GIF
  • Smooth Animations
  • File Size: 11.4 MB