78 Fintech Line Icons

Beautification of the Fintech!

Financial Technology or Fintech is a bran new 21st century branch of industry which seeks to use technology to automate activities in the financial sector. It ignores the traditional ways of doing business, and streamlines money transfers/payments, credit application, fundraising, investment management, retail banking, a quite a bit more. It is designed to disrupt the traditional banking and trading and make them obsolete, and give the end-consumers an easier, headache-free experience by moving the whole business into the virtual world of internet, apps and smartphones.

Yes, you are correct, the future is now. If you agree and want to spread the word, we are offering you our latest Fintech Line Icons pack with 78 cutting edge icons. They can be used in presentation and shared with clients and friends, on websites and printed materials, and with some adjustments, they can be used to improve your brand image and presence in the world of finances and business.

Included in the pack are:

dollar, internet banking, data mining, income, retirement savings, balance, saas, education savings, deposit, euro, unicorn, home loan, sharing economy, money, credit card, cyber identity, bills, api, monitoring, bitcoin, asymmetric keys, check, p2p lending, assets, planning, chargeback, interest rates, theft, handshake, atm, exchange, gold, secure, taxes, b2c, payment, email transfer, b2b, savings, chinese yuan, investment, statistics, stocks, cryptocurrency, wallet, leasing, funds transfer, attorney, calculator, money growth, cvv, success, internet of things, emergency fund, bank, safe box, insurance, value, money bag,abacus, money making, billionaire, growth, strategy, big data, transfer, gazelle, piggy bank, blockchain, japanese yen, revenue, british pound, profit, report, management, budgeting, crowdfunding, mobile banking

The Fintech line icon pack is contained within zip file and features fully vectorized icons that can be adjusted and edited to suite your every need. There are six different file types to choose from: AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, PNG and IconJar.

78 Fintech Line Icons

fintech line icon pack

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