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60 eSports Icons

Register, then log in and play! Nowadays eSports is just so widespread and accessible from different livestreams and tournaments that it’s going to grow even larger than before.

Now the question is, are you going to join in the fun? With plenty of games to choose and be a master of, now you too can be a king in this industry! Think of these 60 eSports Icons as your gateway to your journey.

Here are some ways that these icons can be used:

  1. As the logo for your eSports team, or to inspire your gaming crew.
  2. When you are presenting your eSports idea to your friends, family, colleagues, business partners.
  3. For your marketing and communication collaterals.
  4. As an icon in your website, app, or general interface.
  5. To be printed out, if you have a retail store, these icons can be a great enhancement to it!

The things above are not the only ways that you can fully utilize the 60 eSports Icons, you can explore it and get creative! Discover the versatility of these icons and you’ll see that your imagination is the limit!

Moreover, these 60 eSports Icons are in a .zip file that contains 6 different formats: in AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG and Iconjar, ready to help you communicate! These icons are easily scalable to anything that you might need. Stretch it, change its color, or do whatever you want with it, the freedom is yours!

You can check it out yourself right here:

60 eSports Icons (Blush Series)

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