AI Icon Set

60 Artificial Intelligence Icons

There is a well-known and well-loved notion that the human brain is probably the most sophisticated piece of computing machinery found on Earth. Unfortunately, it is also believed that we are only using about 10% of that raw power and that the remaining 90% will be unlocked sometime in the future through evolution. Until that time, one of the favorite goals of computer science has been to try and create some form of Artificial Intelligence to replace that untapped potential and help us be, do and process better, faster, more.

Artificial Intelligence or AI can learn more, see more, process more information and solve problems, calculate, plan, and even move objects, and it is a dear hope of humanity to harness this potential and upgrade the life. It is a fascinating subject. And our 60 AI icons set contains all the ingredients to further inflame the imagination. Advocate for the machines and captivate others by using our icons in your presentations, websites, apps, prints and more.

The Artificial Intelligence icons included in the set are:
architecture, eyetap augmentation, cognition, AI research, filter, 3D model, pattern, brain simulation, machine learning, computational intelligence, problem solving, emergent behavior, motion and manipulation, black box learning, big data, embedded devices, neural interface, interaction, turing test, artificial neural network, human vs AI, brain machine interface, AI knowledge, sensorimotor skills, natural language processing, choice, artificial life, automated planning, supervised learning, multi-agent system, human-computer interaction, network, conversational interfaces, super intelligence, performance, cloud control panel, artificial noosphere, ambient user experience, decision, unsupervised learning, transfer learning, quantum computing, smart house, expert system, graphene, reinforcement learning, analysis, pet robot, wireless charging, emotion, knowledge representation, pattern recognition, intelligent assistant, AI applications, driverless car, intelligent agents, algorithm,artificial intelligence, prioritize, deep learning

The set contains six formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, PNG and IconJar. All icons are fully vectorized and tweakable to suit your brand’s needs. They are modern and designed as a combination of stroke-only and fill-only shapes.

60 Artificial Intelligence Icons

Artificial Intelligence Icons Set

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