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Business Plan Icon

Download a free business plan icon in SVG and PNG format. The icon is completely free to customize and use. Its versatile design allows you to use it as a business development plan icon, business continuation plan icon, updating business plan icon, and for any project you’re working on.


Looking for the right icon (read: listing through hundreds of stock options) can be unsurprisingly boring. We’re also tired of seeing the same dull icons recycled again and again, so we’d like to offer something different.

If you wish to present your business plan in the best light possible, check out this fully customizable and completely FREE Business Plan Icon. You’ll get the icon in two formats – eye-catching PNG and scalable SVG.

Don’t worry, it’s free to use, no strings attached. To download it, simply click any of the buttons in the text below.

Free Business Plan Icon PNG 256×256 pixels

In this segment, we’ll briefly talk about the business plan icon free PNG (256x256px). This icon can be used for smartphone apps (Android and iOS) as well as in operating systems (Windows and macOS).

Even though the default OS icon size is smaller than this (48×48 or 64×64), the 256x256px business plan PNG icon is great for displaying large and extra-large icons, especially on high-DPI displays.
In addition, the icon is also easy to edit so you can change it until it’s perfect for your project.

To download the 256x256px business plan icon, please click the button below.

Free Business Plan Icon PNG 512×512 pixels

If you’re looking for a business plan icon in PNG format and 512x512px resolution, you can find it in this section. Unlike the previous icon size (good for apps and operating systems), this icon size works best for presentations and similar design projects.

In addition, it looks wonderful if you use it when creating infographics. Needless to say, popular design software works really well with PNGs (including Adobe InDesign). The 512x512px resolution has more dots per inch (DPI) compared to smaller icon sizes, which results in better image quality.

To download the 512x512px business plan icon, click the button below.

Free Business Plan Icon SVG

If you need the free business plan icon vector (SVG format), you can find it in this section. Since they are vectors, SVGs allow you to easily change the size of the icon without losing quality. As such, they are highly customizable.

Since SVG files have taken a real swing in recent years, all popular editing programs fully support them (including Adobe software). Unlike rasterized images, SVG files are code that can easily be changed. After you make the changes, the image is rendered again and remains crystal-clear.

This allows you to use the file in projects that need to remain scalable. The icon will look equally good regardless if you zoom in to 10 or 500%.

To download the business plan icon in SVG, click the button below.

Home-Based Business Icon Set

The business plan icon featured in this post is a small part of the Home-Based Business Icon Set. This awesome set comes with 75 icons, all created in the eye-catching Soothe style. Some of the icons include small business, workspace, motivation, productivity, organization, business building, and much more, so be sure to check it out.

Why should you get the full set?

  • Six file types available – AI, EPS10, SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar
  • 100% Vector – Instantly adjustable size and color
  • All icon files are packed and organized in a zip file

Wish to see what’s in the set? Check it out:

Preview Image for Home-Based Business Icon Set
75 Home-Based Business Icons


Did you like the free business plan icon in this post? If you’re looking for more free (and good-looking) icons, be sure to check out our Freebies section.

In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, please tell us in the comment section below. We’ll do our best to include the icon you need in one of our future posts.


How to download the free business plan icon?

To download the free business plan icon, all you have to do is click one of the buttons in the text. To make things more convenient for you, we’ve packed both the PNGs and the SVG in a single zip file.

Where can I use the free business plan icon?

You can use the free business plan icon for pretty much any design project. As we’ve pointed out, the PNGs are great for presentations and illustrations, while the SVG will be an excellent addition to your web page.

What is the difference between business plan icon PNG and business plan icon SVG?

The difference between the two is their format – PNG is a rasterized image while SVG is a vector. Because of this, the business plan icon in SVG offers a much higher degree of versatility if you need to keep your design scalable.

If you enjoyed this freebie, be sure to check out other awesome (and FREE) icons:

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