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Download a free business icon in PNG and SVG format. The business icon is very easy to customize and use. You can use it as a business icon for Instagram, a business icon for PowerPoint, or for any design project you’re working on.


Looking to build trust with customers and strengthen your image? Presentation is very important, and even the smallest things like your business icon can add to the overall impression.

So, if you wish to avoid the default black and white business icon and add some style instead, we’d like to offer you this modern and completely FREE business icon.

As a bonus, it’s available in both eye-catching PNG and fully customizable SVG format (business icon vector). No worries, there is no catch – the icon is yours to use however you want.

To download the free business icons in both the PNG and the SVG format, simply click one of the buttons below.

Free Business Icon PNG 256×256 pixels

If you’re looking for the free business icon in PNG format and 256x256px resolution, you can find it in this section. Where can this icon be used? Well, you can use it as a standard icon in almost any operating system – Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android all support this format.

This specific icon size is the perfect choice for extra-large and large icons regardless of your display. Furthermore, it’s very easy to scale down if you need a smaller icon (unlike the 512x512px business icon PNG).

As you surely know, the PNG format is widely supported by various design software, so you’ll have an easy time editing it and adjusting it to your needs.

To download the 256x256px business icon PNG, click the download button below.

Free Business Icon PNG 512×512 pixels

In this segment, you can find the free business icon in PNG format (512x512px resolution). This specific resolution is excellent for making presentations. It works well with all of the popular presentation programs – Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

This business icon PNG is also a good choice for making infographics because it’s generally supported by design software. One of the programs you can use to edit this icon is Adobe InDesign.

Compared to the 256x256px free business icon, this one has a higher DPI (dots per inch). Simply put, this improves the image quality and gives the icon a thicker outline when scaled down.

To download the PNG business icon in 512x512px resolution, click the button below.

Free Business Icon SVG

In this section, you can download the free business icon in SVG format. In case you didn’t know, SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Okay, but why are these special? Well, they are perfect if you need an icon with fully customizable size.

On top of this, Adobe programs provide good support for SVG files so you can easily work with them. Of course, most other graphic design software is fully compatible with them too. Unlike rasterized images, SVGs exist as code which allows you to modify them without making their quality worse.

How is this useful? First and foremost, it allows you to use this business icon in HTML or for any project that needs scalable visuals. In practical terms, the icon will look exactly the same regardless of the zoom (60 or 600%).

If you wish to download the business icon SVG file, simply click the button below.

Company Icon Set

The business icon featured in this post is just a taste of the awesome 90 Company Icon Set. The full set includes many great icons like the business card icon, small business icon, job search, and much, much more, so be sure to check it out.

Why should you get the full set?

  • Six file types available – AI, EPS10, SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar
  • 100% Vector – Instantly adjustable size and color
  • All icon files are packed and organized in a zip file

Wish to see what’s in the set? Check it out:

Preview Image for Company Icon Set
90 Company Icons


How did you like the free business icon? We hope it was a good fit for your project. If you’d like more free icons like this one, be sure to check out our Freebies section.

On the other hand, if you didn’t find what you were looking for (or didn’t like the icon), be sure to let us know in the comments. Not only will we reply, but we’ll also make sure to include the icon you need in one of our future posts.


How to download the free business icon?

To download the free business icon, simply click any of the buttons in the text. The download is neatly packed in a zip file that contains both the PNG and the SVG files.

Where can I use the free business icon?

The free business icon is yours to use anywhere you want. The PNG business icon is excellent for OS icons, presentations, and infographics, while the SVG business icon can be used for design projects that require scalability.

What is the difference between business icon PNG and business icon SVG?

The difference between the two is the format. The business icon SVG is a vector (as its name suggests) while the business icons free PNG aren’t. Vectors can be easily scaled, which allows you to adjust the size without compromising quality.

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