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Download and use an aesthetic compass icon for free. Customize and edit the compass icon until it suits your project perfectly. It can be used as a compass app icon, iPhone compass icon, Android compass icon, or anywhere you need a good-looking compass.


Looking for a stylish compass icon for your new project? As you’ve certainly noticed so far, most stock icons not only look dull but also become blurry when zoomed in. Even worse, you usually aren’t allowed to edit even a simple compass icon yourself.

To help out fellow designers, marketers, and web developers, we want to offer something different – a fully customizable and FREE compass icon in both PNG and SVG format.

You can use it however you want and adjust it until it’s perfect for your project. To download the icon compass, click one of the buttons below.

Free Compass Icon PNG 256×256 pixels

In this section, you’ll find the compass icon PNG in 256x256px resolution. In case you didn’t know, this icon resolution is often used for displaying icons in Windows and macOS, as well as iOS and Android.

It’s the largest icon resolution that operating systems display, which makes it great for large and extra-large icons. If you compare it to the 512x512px north compass icon, this one is a lot easier to scale down. Unfortunately, scaling up will result in a blurred image.

The PNG format is widely supported by design and editing software, allowing you to easily change and adjust the icon in any way you want.

To download the 256x256px compass icon, click the button below.

Free Compass Icon PNG 512×512 pixels

In this segment, you’ll find the compass icon in PNG format (512x512px resolution). This icon is excellent for creating beautiful presentations and all the popular presentation programs support the format (Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides).

The 512x512px map compass icon is also great for designing infographics. You can use any of the popular design programs (including Adobe InDesign), so you’ll have an easy time adjusting it to your needs.

Due to its high DPI (dots per inch), this resolution is a better choice than 256x256px in terms of image quality.

If you wish to download the compass 512x512px icon, click the button below.

Free Compass Icon SVG

Here, you’ll find the compass icon vector (SVG format). As you probably know, SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This format is ideal if you need an icon with adaptable size.

A big plus is that Adobe software (and most other programs) is generally compatible with SVGs, allowing you to easily use it in your design projects. Considering that SVGs are not rasterized images, you’re free to modify them however you want without losing any quality.

This makes the compass icon SVG particularly useful for projects that need to look equally good regardless of the zoom (40 or 400%).

If you want to download the icon in SVG format, just click the button below.

Camping Icon Set

If you like the design of this compass star icon, you’ll be glad to hear that we have a whole set created in this beautiful style. The compass rose icon is just one of 65 icons included in the wonderful 65 Camping Icon Set.

Why should you get the full set?

  • Six file types available – AI, EPS10, SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar
  • 100% Vector – Instantly adjustable size and color
  • All icon files are packed and organized in a zip file

Wish to see what’s in the set? Check it out:

Preview Image for Camping Icon Set
65 Camping Icons


Did you enjoy this icon? We hope it was a nice addition to your design project. If you liked this compass icon aesthetic design, you can find many more like it in our Freebies section.

On the other hand, if this wasn’t what you were looking for, please let us know in the comments. We’ll make sure to include the icon you need in one of our future posts.


How to download the free compass icon?

To download the free compass icon, all you have to do is click one of the download buttons above. The icon download is packed in a zip file that contains two PNG icons (256×256 and 512x512px) as well as the SVG compass arrow icon.

Where can I use the free compass icon?

You can use it wherever you want, both for personal and for commercial use. This icon comes in two formats (PNG and SVG), making it great for presentations, infographics, web pages, and many other design projects.

What is the difference between compass icon PNG and compass icon SVG?

The basic difference between the two is their file format. Unlike the compass icon in PNG, the compass icon SVG is a vector that allows you to scale it as much as you want without compromising quality.

If you liked this freebie, be sure to check out other awesome (and FREE) icons:

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