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Phone PNG

Download a free phone icon in PNG and SVG format. The phone icon is free to use, edit, and customize. It works great as an Android phone icon, iOS phone icon, cell phone icon, and as a beautiful phone symbol in any type of design project.


Finding the right icon is never an easy task, especially if you wish to avoid the dull black and white options. On the other hand, paying for a subscription doesn’t make sense either if you only need a single one, does it?

Because of this, we want to help. If you’re creating an awesome new app and need the perfect phone icon, check out this FREE Phone PNG and SVG Icon combo!

Why are we doing this? Because we’re designers too and understand the potential problems you’re facing. There’s NO CATCH – icons are free to use however you want.

To download the phone icon PNG and SVG, click any of the buttons below.

Free Phone PNG Icon 256×256 pixels

Below, you will find the free phone PNG icon in 256x256px resolution. This specific resolution is often used by operating systems (Windows and Mac OS for example), as well as smartphone systems like iOS and Android.

The 256x256px resolution is great for large and extra-large icons on any display, no matter its size. Furthermore, this resolution is convenient if you need to scale down the icon because it behaves much better compared to the 512x512px resolution.

The format itself (PNG) is highly versatile, allowing you to use this phone symbol PNG in any of the editing tools.

Want to download the 256x256px phone PNG icon? Click the button below.

Free Phone PNG Icon 512×512 pixels

In the following section, you can download the phone icon in PNG format and 512x512px resolution. This particular phone image PNG will be great for any type of presentation. It’s fully compatible with popular software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

One more use for the 512x512px resolution is making infographics. You can import and edit the phone icon PNG transparent background in Adobe InDesign as well as in a large number of other programs.

What’s the advantage over the 256x256px icon? This one has more dots per inch (DPI), meaning it’s better when talking about the quality of the image. We should also add that the outlines on this one become thicker when you scale the icon down.

Want to download the 512x512px phone PNG icon? Click the button below.

Free Phone Icon SVG

Here, you will find the phone icon in SVG. This format (scalable vector graphics) is hands-down the best when it comes to size adjustments – you can scale them freely without losing one bit of quality!

SVGs are very common nowadays, so all the major editing tools support them (including Adobe programs of course). SVG files are nothing more than code, so the image is rendered perfectly every time you change the size.

In relation to this, many people search for phone vector PNG, but you should know that PNGs are not vectors and can’t be scaled or edited like this.

Want to download the phone SVG icon? Click the button below.

Communication and Media Icon Set

Enjoying the design of these phone icons PNG and SVG format? Plenty more where that came from. This awesome phone icon is a part of the 80 Communication and Media Icon Set.

Why get the full set?

  • Six file types available – AI, EPS10, SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar
  • 100% Vector – Instantly adjustable size and color
  • All icon files are packed and organized in a zip file

Wish to see what’s in the set? Check it out:

Communication & Media Icon Set Preview Image


Did you like the free phone icon? We hope that it was a nice addition to your project. If not, be sure to tell us. If you want more, you’ll find plenty of pretty (and free) icons in our Freebies section.

In case you were looking for something else (like a mobile phone icon PNG, a mobile phone logo PNG, a cell phone PNG, or even a land phone PNG), hit us up with a comment and we’ll make sure to include them in our future posts.


How to download the free phone icon?

To download the free phone icon, all you have to do is click any of the download buttons in the text. The download file is zipped and features both the phone PNG and the phone SVG inside.

Where can I use the free phone icon?

The phone icon SVG will be ideal for any design that needs to remain scalable. On the other hand, the phone logo PNG in 256x256px is great for operating systems and smartphones, while the 512x512px is excellent for presentations.

What is the difference between phone PNG icon and phone SVG icon?

The difference is how and where you use them. The phone PNG icons (256x256px and 512x512px) are best for operating systems and presentations, while the phone SVG icon gives you a lot more freedom when you need flexible icon size.

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