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Business Model Icon

Download a great-looking and completely free business model icon in SVG and PNG format. The icon can be customized and used however you want. You can use it as a business model icon template, as an incubation business model icon, as a key resources business model icon, or for anything else your project needs.

free business model icon


Finding a good-looking icon can be time-consuming, especially when listing through hundreds of stock icons that look the same. By offering you a pixel-perfect freebie (that’s normally a part of a premium set), we want to make your job a bit easier.

This FREE Business Model Icon is available in PNG and SVG formats, so you can use it for any type of project – web pages, apps, presentations, social media, and anything else you need.

Best of all, you’re free to edit the icon however you want. You can change its size, colors, or other details until it’s perfect for your design.

If you want to download the business model icon, simply click on one of the buttons in the text below.

Free Business Model Icon PNG 256×256 pixels

If you’re interested in the business model icon PNG (256x256px), in this section we’re going to explain where and how you can use it.

As you maybe know, this resolution is commonly used by operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. While it’s not the default resolution, it’s the one you need for displaying large and extra-large icons. Of course, it can also be scaled down easily.

In addition, editing the PNG is very easy. If you want to change the size, color, or any detail you don’t like, you can use any editing software that you want.

To download the business model icon PNG (256x256px), click the button below.

Free Business Model Icon PNG 512×512 pixels

In this segment, we’ll talk about the new business model icon in PNG format and 512x512px resolution. This specific icon size is excellent if you need to design eye-catching presentations.

The PNG format is widely recognized and supported by presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides) as well as all page design programs (Adobe InDesign for example).

The 512x512px icon has a high DPI which makes it look fantastic in high-res design projects. However, unlike the 256x256px version, it’s not completely suitable for apps or OS.

To download the business model icon in PNG (512x512px), click the button below.

Free Business Model Icon SVG

Here, you can learn about the business model icon in SVG format. In case you didn’t know, SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. The vector part is really important – it means you can customize the icon easily without losing any of its sharpness.

In addition to changing size, you can also change the colors of the icon. You can make the business model icon black and white, give the business model icon black background, or make the business model icon white transparent background.

We’d like to mention that even though editing software generally supports the SVG format, you also adjust the icon by changing the code directly.

To download the business model icon in SVG format, simply click the button below.

Home-Based Business Icon Set

If you liked this business model icon, you should know that it’s sourced from the 75 Home-Based Business Icon Set. All icons in this set are created in the beautiful Soothe style.

Some of the icons included are home office, time management, productivity, sustainable routine, work habits, and much more, so be sure to take a look.

Why should you get the full set?

  • Six file types available – AI, EPS10, SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar
  • 100% Vector – Instantly adjustable size and color
  • All icon files are packed and organized in a zip file

Wish to see what’s in the set? Check it out:

Preview Image for Home-Based Business Icon Set
75 Home-Based Business Icons


Did you enjoy the business model flat icon? If you want to download more free icons, make sure to check out our Freebies section.

On the other hand, if you haven’t found what you were looking for, let us know in the comments. We’ll do our best to find what you need and include it in future posts.


How to download the free business model icon?

If you wish to download the free business model icon, all you need to do is click one of the buttons in the text. The download is conveniently packed in a zip file that contains two PNGs and an SVG file so you won’t have to download the icons separately.

Where can I use the free business model icon?

You can use it for pretty much any design project that you’re working on. As we’ve pointed out, you’ll get the business model icon in two formats which gives you a lot of flexibility when working and customizing the icon.

What is the difference between business model icon PNG and business model icon SVG?

The difference between the two is their format – it determines how you can use and customize the icons. While the business model PNG is a rasterized image, the business icon SVG is a vector that you can easily resize without compromising the image quality.

If you enjoyed this freebie, be sure to check out other awesome (and FREE) icons:

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